Federal Direct Student Loan Request Form

Students interested in borrowing federal student loans must submit this form. 

Remember, loan funds CANNOT be used to defer tuition and fee charges until this form is completed and submitted. After successful completion of the loan application, an "estimated" Federal Stafford Loans will be awarded as anticipated on the student account within 7 business days. 

Your loan funds will be disbursed to CTS and applied to any unpaid tuition and fee charges for the current term. All remaining loan funds will be disbursed to you in a Cash Balance Refund Check from the Business Office within 10 business days after disbursement. 

ACADEMIC YEAR LOAN DISBURSEMENTS: One half of total loan funds will be disbursed on the second Friday of each semester and cash balance refund checks will be available no later than the fourth Thursday of each semester.

SINGLE TERM LOAN DISBURSEMENTS: The full amount of the loan funds will be applied only to the term requested for that specific period. Disbursement regulations will follow the format mentioned above. 

MID-SEMESTER LOAN DISBURSEMENTS: If the Loan Request Form is by received by 4:30 pm on Tuesday, the funds will be disbursed to your Business Office account the following Friday and cash balance refunds will be available within 10 business days. If the Loan Request Form is received after 4:30 pm on Tuesday, the funds will be disbursed to your Business Office account on the second Friday after it is received and cash balance refunds will be available within 10 business days of the actual disbursed date. 

Period for which you with to borrow: *
By signing below you certify that you have read this form and responded to the questions on it completely and accurately. You MUST immediately notify the Office of Financial Aid of any changes to the information provided. By signing you also understand that if your registration drops below 6 credits, you may lose eligibility and have a portion or all loan funds returned. I understand that I am borrowing a loan that will require repayment. *
Outside Aid Awards

Federal regulations require you to notify CTS of all awards (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) that you will receive from sources other than CTS. Please list below the source and amount of each award:
Consent for Electronic Communications
We feel that electronic communication allows us to provide the most current data in the quickest period of time. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following types of communications sent to your CTS email account: 
* General financial aid announcements and communications. 
* Your award information and award revisions are available to be viewed on "Inside CTS."
* Information concerning Federal Direct Student Loans generally.
* Federal Direct Student Loan forms available via a linkon the CTS Website under financial aid.
Please email finaid@cts.edu if you do NOT wish to receive electronic communications.
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