Hosting authors are required to bring seven books (one per person) to their hosting table for their guests. They are also required to bring a small gift for each guest at their table ($10 value per person) in addition to the book of their choice.
Hosting authors will also be required to giveaway a gift basket valued between $50-$80 during the event. You may include books in your basket, but it can not consist solely of books. 
All items must be PG-13 or less (except for the book itself).
I am registering as: *
Authors may add one or two additional persons to attend with RomCon with them. Hosting authors may add TWO additional persons.  Signing authors may add ONE person.
Assistant Option #1 (75.00) includes the Friday evening reception, early access to the signing, and Saturday dinner, but NOT lunch. Assistant Option #2 (110.00) includes Friday evening reception, the morning workshop, author lunch, early access to the signing and Saturday dinner. 
(We reserve the right to seat personal assistants at a separate table if the lunch event fills up with readers.)   
First accompanying person. *
Second accompanying person. *
All social media contacts listed below are assumed to be public.  We will be including all of the information below in the program booklet.  If you do not want information included do not put it here.  None of these questions (except email address) are required.
Please indicate your most likely lodging arrangements. *
The Doubletree is extending our special room rate for two days prior to the conference and two days afterwards. How likely is it that you will either arrive early, stay late, or both? *

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