In honor of today's release of Bound by her Captain, another of our Hero To Obey books,
we're offering the chance to win a $10 gift card!
To enter, please answer at least four of the following easy questions!
1. All sorts of time periods are represented in our Hero To Obey stories, from World War II to post apocalyptic. Which appeals to you the most as a reader? Choose as many as you like. *
4. Please tell us what you think is a fair price for each of the book lengths listed above. Round up to the nearest dollar, so 99 cents would be $1; $1.99 would be $2 etc. You can use the same price for different lengths if you feel it's appropriate.
5. Box sets (a number of authors writing stories with one central theme) are always popular. Which of the following themes appeals to you most? Choose as many as you like.
6. Did you order the original Hero To Obey box set?