Blushing Books New Author Completed Book Upload

This form is used to submit finished novels or novellas to Blushing Books.   This form is to be used by new authors who have had FEWER THAN THREE books accepted by Blushing.   If you have had THREE OR MORE books accepted by Blushing, we have a different form for you to use.  Please return to the submission page and click on the "established author" form.  
Blushing responds to authors very quickly;  for this reason, we do not accept simultaneous submissions - books submitted simultaneously to another publisher.   If your work has been submitted elsewhere, please do not submit it via this form.  
Please note that we have recently upped our minimum word count on submissions to 35,000 words.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause, but the market has changed such that it is difficult for us to sell material shorter than 30K.
Please review the following guidelines for books that we are unlikely to publish:
-Any story told from a male point of view. The main character must be female and the story told primarily from her point of view.
-Books containing angels, demons, or vampires as main characters.
-Books set in ancient times (ancient Egypt, etc.)
-Any books that contain gods or goddeses or are based primarily on mythology.
-Transgender, M/M or F/F titles.  (We are now publishing M/M and F/F material through our affiliated publisher Blackout Books.  Check it out at
-Any historical title set after 1930 (This means we are not looking at Depression, World War II or more recent at this time.)
-Any book which uses first person present tense in the primary action. Short diary or journal entries or letters which use first person present are acceptable.
-Books that are not primarily romances with a happily ever after ending.
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Does your book have any of the following elements? You may use the final field to add a "warning" element of your own.
Please rank this book based on EROTIC content. *
Please rank this book based on power exchange / spanking content.
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By clicking submit, you affirm:
1.  You are the copyright holder of the enclosed file and you currently hold the rights to the title.
2.  You are offering this title to Blushing Books for consideration for publication.
3.  This is not a simultaneous submission - which means that you are not submitting simultaneously to another publisher. We are quite happy to consider multiple manuscripts from a given author simultaneously.