Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Intake Form

Please fill this out as completely as possible. More information is better than less. Please do not leave out information about your dog in order to get a home for him/her!  The information is important so that we can find a suitable match for your dog’s disposition, age and health. 

If you own the dog and are surrendering it, p
lease give us the dog’s veterinary records, and all collars, tags, bowls, toys, favorite blanket, and a week’s supply of his current food, when you surrender him or her, to help them acclimate to new surroundings.

If you are a shelter seeking our help, please provide as much information as you have, and note the best way to reach you and the ID number of the dog, if applicable.

About the Dog

Do you own this dog? *

Where the dog came from

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If you are not the original owner, do you know where the dog came from?
Did your dog come from a breeder? *
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Health information

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The dog's behavior

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I understand that I am asking Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to take a dog from me or from my organization. I understand that if Big Fluffy Dog Rescue agrees to take this dog into rescue, that this is an irrevocable transfer of ownership of the dog to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. By signing below, I certify that I have provided true and correct information and that I have read and understood the agreement.