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AEC has partnered with 24/7 EMS to provide you discounted access to hundreds of online CE courses.  When you complete a course you will receive CE credit towards your State and National Registry Certification.  This is an annual $65 value for $49.95 a year!  Your National Registry is a 2 year certification and our cost is still less than a 2 year membership directly with 24/7 EMS.
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*$49.95 or $89.95 a year is required to become and remain an AEC Member.  You may cancel at any time.  There are no refunds.  For whatever reason you cancel, there is no refund for the current paid year.  However, your membership will not renew on your next anniversary date.  Newly enrolled AEC students receive a 12-month complimentary period w/ Office 365 only.  You must be enrolled or currently in your AEC Program to receive this 12-month period.  After 12 months your subscription will auto-renew, unless cancelled before the anniversary date.  You may not switch membership packages until any 12-month period is about to renew 30 days before.  You may select a membership package that will add benefits at any time, but you cannot remove benefits until 60 days before your anniversary date.  You must allow 1-3 business days to process your membership. $60 off ACLS and PALS are for VA EMS re-certifications only.  Questions?

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