IAC Stopover Grant Application

The ACS Committee on International Activities (IAC) Stopover Grant application is currently open. Stopover Grants allow early career and/or senior ACS members to make "stopover" visits during planned international travel.

To qualify for a stopover, your planned travel must include a side trip to another city. This city can be in the same country or outside the country where you plan to travel.

Example: If you already plan on traveling to Boston for a conference, your stopover to meet researchers in New York during that trip would qualify for a Stopover Grant.  

Planned stopover visits should focus on fostering science driven relationships with chemists and relevant practitioners abroad with a focus on exchange and collaboration.

Grants (up to $500 USD) are available through a peer-reviewed and competitive process to reimburse costs of local travel, accommodations, and incidentals for visits to work with existing and prospective scientific partners (and their students) for the purposes of conducting lectures, training, and building research collaborations.  

Funding amount available per applicant: up to $500

Project proposals are reviewed by IAC members using the following criteria:

  • Impact
  • Organization
  • Partnership/collaboration
If you have any questions or would like to submit a request for an early review, please contact intlacts@acs.org

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