ACS International Research Experiences for Germany, NUS, Perugia, or Strathclyde Students in U.S. Summer Institutes

Summer 2016 Application

All applicants (except for NUS applicants) must be pre-determined by their university.

Before You Begin

Only students studying at the University of Strathclyde, the University of Perugia, the National University of Singapore, University of Hannover, University of Jena or Ulm University.
If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident enrolled at a U.S. university or college, you must use the IREU (Outside of US) application

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Academic Information

Please note that only students enrolled at the above four locations may apply. Students at any other international location are not currently eligible. For all other questions, please contact
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Please note that Masters students from the University of Strathclude are only eligible to participate if they are presently in their first year of study or earlier.
Please note that Masters students from the University of Perugia are only eligible to participate if they are presently in their first year of study or earlier.
Please note that Masters students from the National University of Singapore are only eligible to participate if they are presently in their first year of study or earlier.
Please note that Masters students from Germany are only able to participate if they will not be enrolling in the graduate program until on or after September, 2016. Please contact to discuss your situation further if you have any questions.

Academic Major * 
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Please list below the undergraduate (bachelor) science and mathematics courses that you are currently taking. Do not list courses that have appeared or will appear in the transcript you will mail to us.

Career Information

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Prior Research Experience

In the space provided below, briefly describe your research experience in the space below (250 words or less). Be sure to include:
1) name of the school or department where the research took place
2) name of the advisor/mentor who supervised (or is supervising) your research
3) title of the project you were (or are) involved in
4) length of time that you were (or have been) involved in the project
5) a brief description of the project.
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Letters of Recommendation

Indicate below the names and contact information for the two faculty members who will be writing recommendations for you. At least one of them must be a materials or chemical sciences professor. A letter of recommendation from your past or present research supervisor is strongly encouraged. 

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Research Preferences

The majority of placements inside the United States begin on June 1 and end July 31. There are some locations with flexibility but generally all placements take place between May and August. For exact dates of each program, visit the IREU site here

List below in order of preference  up to three IREU sites where you would like to be considered for placement (1 = most preferred). Please see the list of participating REU sites on the ACS-IREU web site.
List of 2016 U.S. summer host sites

Please indicate in the spaces provided below the reasons for your selections and rankings of REU sites. Use 150 words or less. As much as possible, be specific about what laboratories and projects you would most enjoy.
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Personal Statement

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