Goddess Application

Are you pregnant? *
Have you served in the Military? *
Do you have any restrictions for long distance walks or hiking? *
If you have any of these/ or if they apply to you please check the box's below. *
Are you currently taking any mind altering drugs? *
Have you or are you currently suffering from post pardon-depression? *
Have you suffered major trauma? *
Have you been sexually abused? *
Do you have a business you would like to share with the group? *
By registering and attending Awaken The Goddess Retreat, you understand and agree that a photographer will be taking photos and videos at the event including a photoshoot the very last day. We may publish them to any format or media without additional permission from you if you are in the photo. *
You agree that you have answered all questions honestly in order for us to take the best precautions for everyone in attendance, including youself. *
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