Thank you for your interest in fostering for Little Tails Rescue, Inc.  Fosters are the key part of our rescue efforts.  Without fosters, we are unable to accept any new dogs or cats into our program. 
As a foster, you will provide a loving and caring home environment for a dog or cat until the cat or dog is adopted.  You are the bridge to saving a homeless dog or cat.  Being a foster means sharing your home with the foster pet, providing shelter, food, toys, exercise and lots of attention.  Your foster pet should be treated as if he or she were your own until a permanent home is found. 
The foster parent is not responsible for any necessary and approved medical expenses; however, you will need to administer any medications and provide any special care your foster may need (based upon the advice and direction of the veterinarian).   Should the pet require medical care, the foster parent must immediately notify Little Tails Rescue, Inc. The rescue has approved vets that work directly with our organization.  If the foster parent chooses to use a vet without our consent, the foster parent will be responsible for all medical bills.
Tells us about the pet you would like to foster:
Applicant and Family Information
Home Information
Pet Information
Current and Past Pets Information
Please list any companion animals you currently have or have had in the past ten years.  The application provides space for three pets. If you need additional space, please list in comments.
Veterinarian Information
Your veterinarian's office may require authorization from you to release medical information to Little Tails Rescue, Inc.  Please contact your current vet's office to authorize them to answer our questions about the care of your pet.  If you have been with your current vet less than three years, we will also be contacting your prior vet. Please also contact your prior vet and authorize them to answer our questions about the care of your pet.  By calling ahead of time, it will save us time in the processing of your application.
Personal Reference Information
Final Questions
I agree to return the foster pet to Little Tails Rescue, inc. if I can no longer care for him or her. *
I am stating that the information contained in this foster application is true and correct as typed and that if any information is found to be false, Little Tails Rescue, Inc. will have the right to reclaim said pet. *
I hereby indicate that this is a valid and legal substitution for my written signature on this legal document. *
Please make sure that all required fields indicated by the * are entered. Incomplete application cannot be processed.
Any questions regarding your foster application, please email us at