Teaching With Purpose Conference 

The Teaching With Purpose Conference (TWPC) invites proposals for presentations and workshops for its 8th Annual Conference October 13th- 14th, 2017

The annual Teaching With Purpose Conference (TWPC), educates, inspires and informs teachers, administrators, parents, students and community organizers in Oregon and across the nation about the importance of culturally responsive teaching and culturally relevant pedagogies. It is organized during one of Oregon’s statewide in- service day. And, it has three goals:

1) Activate equity-focused policy 

2) Support and inspire leadership for culturally responsive pedagogical and institutional practices; and

3) Develop a network of educators committed to extending culturally responsive pedagogies and leadership practices around the country.

The following are workshop strands that embrace key content areas that will assist educators in: *
* Are you willing to repeat your presentation? *
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WEBLINK TO PRESENTATION (OPTIONAL): Please provide a web link to a video via Facebook, YouTube, etc. that demonstrates your presentation skills.

BIOGRAPHY: Please insert the biographies/vita of the lead presenter and co-presenters. The biographies/vita can be no more than 100 words each and should place emphasis on the presenters’ educational and professional backgrounds that warrant them to be able to teach the subject matter being submitted for approval.
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