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Digital Health Educator Training Program

Effective Teaching with Digital Tools

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Using ExamSoft to Run Reports on Students’ Performance
ExamSoft provides the ability to use assessment data and reporting capabilities to make informed decisions on students’ performance. This workshop will explore how to provide personalized feedback to students on their performance and how to identify those in need of remediation. 
*F2F (face-to-face)

Location:  RW103
Enhancing Student Engagement with TurningPoint
Are you looking for ways to engage your students in the classroom? Join us in this webinar as we explore the use of the student response system.
Improving Student Writing with Turnitin
This workshop will explore use of the Turnitin plagiarism prevention tool to improve student writing assignments. 
Collaborating with Arc Video
This workshop will provide an overview of the interactive Arc video tool, which learners and instructors can use to engage in active and collaborative discussions.

Location:  RW103

First Time Online Teaching

Please select the workshops/webinars you plan to attend.
The Nuts & Bolts of Online Course Design
In this workshop, participants will explore elements in online course design and methods for adapting a face-to-face curriculum to the online environment.
*Online (self-paced) 
Building Student-Teacher Relationships in an Online Classroom
This workshop will examine different strategies for making an online classroom more personal and techniques for building student-teacher relationships.
Boost my Presentation: A Design Seminar
In this workshop, you will explore techniques for designing presentation content for the online environment.

Location:  RW103
Defining Roles & Responsibilities in Creating Online Courses
This workshop will look at key roles and responsibilities in the development of online courses.
Engaging Students with Asynchronous & Synchronous Tools
In this workshop, you will learn to determine when to use asynchronous and synchronous tools to engage your learners.
Handling Online Student Communication
This workshop provides methods for maximizing the quality of interactions among students, and between the instructor and students.
Ways to Maintain Academic Integrity in Online Courses
How can I tell if students are cheating in an online course? Join us in this workshop as we explore methods to decrease online cheating and to maintain academic integrity.

Curriculum Digital Infusion

Please select the workshops/webinars you plan to attend.
Designing Instruction Using the SAMR Pedagogical Model
In this workshop, participants we will explore the SAMR model to develop purposeful digital learning activities.
Aligning Learning Sciences with Digital Learning 
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to concepts and practices related to the principles of learning sciences and how they can be applied to curriculum design.
Integrating Design Thinking into the Course Design Process
This workshop will explore the principles of design thinking and how it can transform students’ learning experiences.
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