Emerging Scholars Executive Council Representative and/or Emerging Scholar Committee Member Nomination Form

Emerging Scholar Representative (for Students and New Professionals):

The Emerging Scholar Representative is a member of the Executive Council, elected by SRA members, who serves as an advocate and representative for students and new professionals in SRA. The term of office is four years, the first two years spent as the Alternate Representative, and the final two as the Emerging Scholar Representative.

A description of the responsibilities of the Emerging Scholar Representative can be found here.

Emerging Scholar Committee Positions:

Members of the Emerging Scholar Committee (ESC) act as advocates for SRA students and new professionals by participating in ESC initiatives and serving on one of the standing committees of SRA. All ESC members serve four-year terms and are selected by current ESC members. The seven open ESC positions for the 2018-2022 term are: Inclusion, Equity & Social Justice Committee, Consensus Committee, Social Policy Awards Committee, Individual Awards Committee, Publications Committee, Membership Committee, and Nominations Committee.

Mission statements for each of these SRA standing committees can be found here.

Nominees for Emerging Scholar Representative and Emerging Scholar Committee must have been members of SRA for at least one year and must be students at the commencement of their term. Nominations for all emerging scholar positions require the following materials: (a) a letter of support from the nominator about the nominee’s qualifications for the position, (b) , (c) a brief statement from the nominee describing their interest and experience, and (d) the nominee’s curriculum vita. The nominee is responsible for submission of all materials. One individual can apply for multiple positions and only one set of materials is needed. Nominations are due no later than October 31, 2019.

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