Puppy Questionnaire** NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit Must Accompany this Form**

BEFORE applying for one of our pups, please be sure you are willing and able to care for this puppy for its entire life. The life span of a Goldendoodle could be 15 years or more. Keep in mind you are getting a puppy, in every aspect this is a baby. They will need to be trained, this will take work and patience on your part. If you are getting a dog to live in a dog house in your back yard at the end of a chain PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont buy our pups! We breed "family" dogs and want them bought by people who intend to treat them like family!
Spay / Neuter Agreement– This puppy is being sold as pet only, unless purchasing breeding rights $250 additional. Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by 16 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter must be in writing by a licensed veterinarian. Failure to comply will be considered breach of the contract and the health guarantee will be void. Buyer also agrees to pay a $5,000 to Seller, and all court costs and attorney fees, if found to have bred puppy, intentionally or accidentally. All contract disputes will be handled in the County of Hardin, in the State of Tennessee. All parties have read and understood, and agreed to this contract in full, by signing below.
Payments and Deposits can be made through Square Pay from our website or through Facebook Messenger Pay. As soon as payment clears we will add your name to the reserve list under the Dam you have chosen. If puppy will be shipped- all remaining payments are due day of puppy picks. If past puppy picks and shipping is required entire balance is due immediately. If picking up puppy balance due at pick up.

It is understood that this a binding contract, and that you acknowledge and agree to the conditions of this sales agreement.You are placing a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on a planned litter. As soon as the deposit is recieved and the funds have cleared you will be placed on the reserved list of the Dam of your choice, upon order of your deposit. There is a payment system in place based on the price of the puppy chosen. Puppy pick starts at 8 weeks. 

Deposit List:
The puppy picks will happen at the weekend of 8 weeks old. Website will be updated with puppy pick date when litter arrives. We schedule starting from the top of the list  each person down the list has a 60 minute time slot between picks. We end the day at 7pm.We schedule starting from the top of the list  each person down the list has a 60 minute time slot between picks. We end the day at 7pm.
** Monday prior to your picking weekend I will send out a schedule and our address everyone will pick their puppy in order of deposit. If you are not physically able to attend we can do a Facetime chat so you can make your pick without losing your position. I always reserve the right to keep puppies for my program and will take my pick or picks before the list begins choosing. If you would like to book a hotel close to us we are rural Closest cities with accomodation is Savannah TN or Waynesboro TN.

If you can not attend picks in person we will do a Facetime chat with you to help you determine your puppy (you must be on our Facebook friends list in order for this to work) The remaining payment is due at puppy pick up as CASH. We do not accept checks. Cost of the puppy includes first shots, worming, scented blanket, messaged information, gallon size ziplock of Valu-pak black puppy food, toys, collar and leash and more


Entry of your name here constitutes your electronic signature. By signing you agree to all terms as stated above. *

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