FVBSA Sponsorship Reimbursement Form

FVBSA provides reimbursement for various team related expenses from available sponsorship funds. 
Team reimbursement requests can only be submitted by the official team manager or official team parent.  If the expense was incurred by someone else (i.e., another coach or parent), only the team manager or team parent can submit the request.
Alcohol, gift cards, coaches gifts will NOT be reimbursed from team sponsor funds.
Please allow at 2 to 3 weeks for processing of reimbursements after the given reimbursement date in the TEAM PARENT MEETING (each season has a different given date)  Failure to provide adequate supporting documentation could result in further delay.  DO NOT SUBMIT DUPICATE REQUESTS FOR THE SAME REIMBURSEMENT as this may further delay your resubmission.
All payments will be mailed to the payee address entered unless other instructions are specified.

Person Requesting

Note: request can only come from team manager or team parent.  Requests from any other person will not be accepted.
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Payee Information

Person to receive payment.
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Expense Detail (Max of 4 receipts per submission)

Must be team related expense and valid support MUST be attached.  We will not reimburse without a receipt.

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