Request a Rapid! Pay Card

If your pay card has been lost or stolen, please make sure that you check with your store manager before requesting a new card from the office. In most cases the store manager has some extra cards at the store for anyone who's card has been lost, stolen or damaged.
If you would like a new card to use with our ReadyPay Today program, please fill out the information below!
You are requesting a Rapid! PayCard to use with our ReadyPay Today Program but currently have your paycheck being direct deposited to your personal bank account. Please indicate below if you want your bi-weekly paycheck to continue being direct deposited to your personal bank account, or if you want your paycheck to be deposited to your new Rapid! PayCard. *
Please make sure you read the above question carefully. If you have any questions or are unsure of how to answer please ask a manager or supervisor for help. 
Once you have submitted this form, the HR/Payroll department will issue you a new Rapid! PayCard and mail it to the address you have provided. Make sure you have entered your correct mailing address! It may take 1-5 days to receive your card, depending upon the united states postal service. 
Once you recieve your paycard you can follow the included instructions on activing your card. When you complete the activation process your card is ready to use.
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