Fundraiser Event Day Application

Please complete the below Application and Rules Agreement. A copy will be e-mailed to you upon submission. Please allow 3-5 business days for review. Thank you for choosing McDonald's!

Top 3 Event Date Choices: (Please Note: We are not currently able to schedule Fundraiser Event Days on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.) 
*Contribution checks will be paid to the organization listed above and will be mailed to the address listed above.

Has your organization ever participated in any events with FEYS II - McDonald's before? *

Fundraiser Event Day Rules Agreement

In order to participate in a Fundraiser Event Day at McDonald's please indicate that you have read and understand the following: *
 I understand:
Personalized fundraiser tickets will be provided by FEYS II Management Group
A nominal printing fee may apply to requests for 1000 tickets or more.
If applicable, this fee will be deducted from the total donation amount generated by the Fundraising Event Day
Fundraiser tickets will entitle the bearer to 10% off their purchase, plus 10% will be donated to the participating organization.
It is the participating organization's responsibility to distribute the tickets throughout the community and invite people to attend on the scheduled day.
The more tickets redeemed, the more money you make!
Tickets may only be redeemed INSIDE the designated McDonald's location.
Tickets may not be redeemed in drive-thru at this time.
Tickets must be presented to the cashier at time of purchase to receive the discount and guarantee the donation.
Only one ticket may be redeemed per transaction.
Tickets may not be combined for a greater discount or donation percentage.
Tickets may not be handed out on the premises of any FEYS II - McDonald's location, before or during an Event Day.
After the event, a contribution check will be mailed to the address listed above on the Fundraiser Event Day Application.
The amount of this contribution will be 10% of the sales generated by all Event Day ticket redemptions.
Thank you for choosing McDonald's to assist with your organization's fundraising needs!