CPE-MHN 2010 Most Powerful Real Estate Owners Survey

Dear Colleague: 

Welcome to the 2010 CPE/MHN Most Powerful Owners Survey. We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in one of the industry's most watched surveys. By taking a few minutes to fill out the requested information, you'll join the ranks of the most powerful firms in commercial real estate and be featured in our listings, based on your answers. The survey is easy to complete and will only require information from you that matches your firm's investments.


We appreciate your taking time to participate in this 2010 Most Powerful Owners Survey. Please be sure to fill this in by Wednesday, August 18th. We do require a response to each question, as incomplete surveys will not permit us to accurately provide your company with the kind of recognition you deserve. If you have any questions during the survey period, please feel free to contact associate editor Joshua Pringle at joshua.pringle@yardi.com or 212-977-0041 x3420.


Thank you for your continued good work on behalf of our industry and for making Commercial Property Executive and Multi-Housing News the magazines of choice among readers in the executive ranks of America's greatest property companies.


Suzann Silverman, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Property Executive
Diana Mosher, Editor-in-Chief, Multi-Housing News

Part 1: Information Sheet

1. Company information (to appear in print). 
Please provide the following information to ensure the most recent and accurate information is published in our listings:

2. Survey Contact Person
Please provide the following contact information for one person to whom all surveys for various business categories should be sent.  A single contact will help ensure that your firm has the opportunity to participate in all applicable surveys used to produce indices, lists and rankings.  This information is for contact purposes only and will not be published. 
Contact Address if different from above:

Secondary contact if first contact is unavailable:

3. What is the name and title of your company's chief executive?
4. How many years has your company's chief executive served in this position?
5. Are there additional executives that you would like to include in our online database?

Part 2: Company Survey

Please answer all of the following questions for your company to be properly considered for the published index. For all questions, please use data current on June 30, 2010, unless otherwise specified.
*1. Thinking about your company’s portfolio of commercial properties as of June 30, 2010, including all of those in which your company held at least a 50 percent equity ownership interest:
Note: Please add the total square footage of each building.  Count apartments as 750 square feet per unit if actual square footage is unavailable.
 Square Feet% of portfolio# of rooms/units# of properties
Total Portfolio

*2. Based on original purchase prices, what is the total value in dollars of your company's portfolio?

*3. What is the overall average amount of leverage currently being carried on your company’s portfolio?  (% of total value)

*4. What is the average occupancy rate of your company’s portfolio as a whole?

*5. What percentage of your company’s leases are scheduled to turn over during the next three years?

*6. What is the average age of the properties in your company's portfolio?
*7. Please specify the number of properties you purchased in each of the following decades:
 # of properties

*8. What percentage of your company’s portfolio was acquired through:

*9. What percentage of your company’s portfolio, based on square footage, has been LEED* certified or otherwise qualified under a green building / sustainable design program?     
*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

*10. As of June 30, 2010, what percentage of the square feet of your company’s portfolio was located in each of the following regions? Please make sure your entries add up to 100 percent.

0/100 points
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