Community and School Grant Cycle

The Morgan Hill Community Foundation (MHCF) is sponsoring two separate grant processes this year in support of local non-profit charities and local public and non-profit schools. Grants applications and awards for the two processes will run simultaneously.

Applications may be submitted until October 25, 2019. Awards will be announced Friday, November 15, concurrent with MHCF’s annual Philanthropy Night event honoring local community volunteers. Grant funds will be available for distribution in December.

Grant Amounts
MHCF will award a total of $15,000 in grants. $3,000 of the total will be specially earmarked for local public and non-profit school needs at two levels: grants up to $500 and grants up to $1,000. The balance of $12,000 in grants will be earmarked for other community non-profit charities, also at two levels: grants of up to $1,000 and two (2) super-funded grants of up to $3,000.

Community Charitable Grants
Grants will be awarded in some or all of the following funding areas: Recreation, Arts & Culture, Agriculture & Environment, Education & Lifelong Learning, Science & Technology, Health & Human Services.

School Grants (MHUSD and Non-Profit Schools)
Grants must be for local public and other nonprofit schools at grade levels K through 12 in the boundaries of the MHUSD. Grant-funded projects must meet three basic criteria: (1) serve school-wide, grade-level wide or broad subject matter initiatives (no grants to individual classes), (2) support lifelong learning or life skills initiatives, and (3) not be for school infrastructure and/or basic school operating expenses.



If you wish to partially fill out the application and return later, create an account through the "Save & Return" link before starting the form. You may also edit your submitted application with this feature up until the deadline. Fill out this form with all necessary information, and provide details on your project. Attach any supporting documents at the end of the form.

Deadline for submission is October 25 by midnight. Grant applications will be reviewed following the deadline with grant awards being announced & distributed shortly thereafter.

Grant awardees are required to submit documentation to MHCF on how funds were spent as well as report detailing the effectiveness of the project in meeting the need of the community, school, or students..

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