2020 National Awards Banquet Guest List

Please complete this form by January 31, 2020. If you have any questions about this form, email awards@acs.org.

Please provide the full name of each guest and indicate any dietary restrictions for each guest beside their name. You will receive two complimentary guest tickets, one for you and a guest (Guest No.2). All other guests are required to purchase a ticket to attend the banquet. Tickets cost $150 per person and can be purchased through ACS Meetings Registration. Visit www.acs.org/meetings for more information.

Please note that each Awards Banquet table has seating for 10 people and we will seat your award sponsor and his/her guest at the table with you. This would leave seating for 7 additional guests at your main table. You are welcome to invite more guests and we will make every effort to arrange for them to be seated near you.

Guest 1 - Award Recipient

Guest 2
NOTE: Guest No.2 will receive the complimentary banquet ticket. All other guests will be required to purchase tickets

Guest 3

Guest 4

Guest 5

Guest 6

Guest 7

Guest 8

NOTE: The following guests will not be seated at the award recipient's main table. We will make every effort to arrange having Guest No. 9-20 seated at a table near the recipient.

Guest 9

Guest 10

Guest 11

Guest 12

Guest 13

Guest 14

Guest 15

Guest 16

Guest 17

Guest 18

Guest 19

Guest 20