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The awards administered by the ACS National Awards Program are renowned throughout the scientific community. In large measure, this merited status results from the high degree of discernment displayed in selecting recipients. The national awards process is supported by two types of committees that assist the Society in selecting outstanding chemical professionals for each award: Canvassing Committees and Selection Committees.

Selection Committees are chemical professionals appointed to the committee to determine the recipient for each national award.

Canvassing Committees identify potential new nominees and arrange for their nomination. Canvassing Committees are established for awards with 8 or fewer total nominees for two successive award cycles and remain in place until the nominations are above 8 for at least two successive award cycles.

Committee members must be members of the Society. Members serve a term of three award-years and most committee work is accomplished online or by telephone. This appointment does not involve any travel. The selection cycle begins in March of each year and ends in July.

The ACS President-Elect/President appoints members to serve on the committees. The committees are comprised of experts in the field of chemistry affiliated with each award. We need highly qualified individuals involved in this process and if you would like to submit your name for consideration to serve on one of the committees, please complete the form below.

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Please select the award committees you are most inerested in serving on as a committee member to further the mission of the awards program. For a list of the national awards visit Note: some national awards are presented annually, biennially, and triennially.