Application for Enrolment - 'Certificate/Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation’ Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

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Please indicate your preferred time for coaching calls from the following options, by ticking 2 boxes. (Please note time frames are in Australian Eastern Standard Time). Available times change from time to time. Morning times start at 9.30am. *

Payment Details

PAYMENT METHOD. There are 2 payment methods: Upfront or Payment Plan. Please refer to the current Course Prospectus for the upfront amounts and payment plans available.
International Students Please Note: Once you let us know which payment option you prefer we will email you with a paypal button that you will be able to use for that payment plan.
Please note: For all Payment Plans and upfront Credit Card payments, a $5.50 once only client set up fee is charged by our payment provider (Ezidebit) along with a $0.99 per transaction fee for bank accounts and 1.87% of the transaction for Visa and M/Card.
* A dishonour fee of $21.90 is charged where there are insufficient funds (by Ezidebit)
Chosen Payment Method *
If you are paying UPFRONT, please complete this section only.

Payment by Internet Transfer

Please take note of our bank details for your transfer.

Account Name: ACHS

BSB: 063- 103

Account Number: 1021 4008

Please enter your name as our reference.

Your enrolment will be complete once payment has been received.

Payment by Credit Card (Australian students only)
Please enter your credit card details here. We accept VISA and Mastercard.
Payment by PAYPAL (International students only)
We will email you the paypal button for your payment.

If you are paying by PAYMENT PLAN

   1. Please enter your payment plan choice.

       Regular amount:   Eg. $133

       Number of payments: Eg. 20

       Payment frequency:  Monthly/Fortnightly.

If you are paying monthly, your payments will be deducted around this date, allowing for weekends/public holidays.

By entering into this agreement you agree to receive SMS payment reminders the day before your payment is due to be deducted.

Please note there are additional charges (made by Ezidebit) for dishonoured payments.

      2. Payment source - complete a) or b) only
Payment agreement (Please tick all boxes unless you are paying by internet transfer or PAYPAL)

The questions below allow us to ascertain whether you may need additional support throughout the course.

Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness or do you have an undiagnosed mental health condition? eg. Bipolar, depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, suicidal tendencies, self harm etc. *
Are you addicted to any mood altering substance? Eg. Alcohol, marijuana or other drugs where I have become dependent on their usage. *
Are you taking any mood altering medication? *
Are you currently receiving medical/psychiatric/psychological support? *

Training Agreement Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

Agreement between

AUSTRALIAN CENTRE FOR HOLISTIC STUDIES (ACHS) and Student (as mentioned on above enrolment form).
▪I am over 18 years of age.
▪I understand that some aspects of my Learning Journey may be shared by the trainer in professional
 supervision sessions with a training supervisor for professional development purposes only.
▪I am assured that the information I provide on this form is kept by ACHS in accordance with the Health Privacy
 Act relevant to the country and state in which this training occurs.
▪I understand that all materials supplied to me and processes contained within the course are copyright and remain the property of ACHS.
▪This course does not accredit me with qualifications to run practitioner training courses.
▪I take full responsibility for any additional support I personally may require. I can do this by booking in with a practitioner of my own choosing either from ACHS or elsewhere and making use of the processes  provided to me for my own home support.
▪I understand that I have 30 days from date of enrolment in which to confirm that the course meets my expectations. After this time no refunds will be issued. Please note this if you are a delayed starter, as the 30 days starts from your enrolment date, not commencement date.
▪This course is designed for responsible and healthy adults and is for educational purposes only. It
 does not replace counselling, psychiatric or medical support. Participation is voluntary and proceeding
 to undertake this programme is an indication that you agree to take responsibility for your wellbeing.
Once you click SUBMIT on your enrolment form you will hear from us by the end of the next working day. Please check the email address that you have placed on your enrolment form. (Please also check your SPAM folder)
In the next 24-48 hrs you will receive a Welcome email that contains your Welcome Pack as well as other administration information, receipt or payment schedule etc.
You will also receive an email from your coach inviting you to book a SET UP call. (This is a one on one introductory call with your coach on Skype in which you will learn all about how the course works before you begin, set some goals and set a date for your first submission).  Immediately after that call you will receive Session 1.
If you do not receive any emails from us in the next 24 hrs and you have checked your SPAM folder, please email deb@holisticstudies.com.au or call 03-9807 4889.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the ACHS Community!
Lisa Forde and the ACHS team
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