San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Dolores Park Picnic Application

DOLORES PARK CONSTRUCTION ALERT: The areas available for picnics will be closed in 2014 due to construction. Please check back with us in 2015.

Dolores Park remains one of our most popular and vibrant city parks, drawing thousands of visitors each and every weekend who are looking to enjoy the outdoors, exercise or have a picnic with loved ones.

If your party has less than 25 people and you're not looking to reserve a specific picnic area or table in the park, obtaining a permit isn't necessary. You and your group can lay out a blanket and enjoy the day.

If you do want to reserve a spot for your event, or, if you have more than 25 people, you must complete the application below and obtain a permit.

For all permitted picnics, you would pay a standard fee based on the number of people in your party. For groups under 50 people, the fee is $30.00. Corporate picnic rates are higher.


In addition, for all permitted picnics, we ask that a security deposit of $100 be placed with us to help ensure that the park remains clean, safe and fun for everyone. This is a fully refundable deposit that is returned to you, provided your event is successful and incident-free. Your check is not deposited during this process.

Due to over congestion at Dolores Park, the number and types of larger picnics has been limited. Applications for events at Dolores Park will be reviewed in total taking into account the overall impact on the neighborhood. 

Please note: Dolores Park has very strict limitations for ALL picnics.

⏩      Barbeques, cooking and food trucks are not permitted

⏩      Tables, chairs and pop-up tents are not permitted

⏩      Jump houses and other equipment are not permitted.

⏩      Driving on sidewalks, paved paths and grass are not permitted

⏩      All trash from your picnic must be bagged and removed from the park.


Applications for picnics in 2014 will be available on the following schedule:

January 1 to February 28, 2014- Applications open on Wed, November 13, 2013

March 1 to July 15, 2014 - Picnics are not permitted due to construction.


July 16 to December 31, 2014 - Picnics are not permitted due to construction.