Application for Adoption

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Are you financially able to provide for this pet, including its basic and veterinary needs? *
Do you have previous rabbit experience? Do you or any member of your family have any kind of allergies, asthma, breathing issues?
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I certify that the information on this form is true and correct and that I am financially, emotionally and physically capable to care for this animal.  I understand that giving a false answer may result in denying an adoption, or relinquishing the pet to PPAR if false answers are discovered pre- or post-adoption.  If a PPAR representative examines the animal and/or its living conditions and finds it unacceptable, I agree to relinquish the animal to PPAR without refund of the adoption fee. PPAR reserves the right to accept or deny any application.
PPAR cannot travel more than 1 hour each way to perform a home visit which is required in our adoption process

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