Alumni Equipment Request Form


Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has a generous policy to support our alumni who are in need of resources to produce portfolio projects.  These requests require at least 2 weeks to review from the time all materials (listed below) have been received.

The demand on equipment and facilities is very high during our peak production months (mid-September through April) so it may not be possible to support any requests at that time.  Likewise, requests for post production resources that conflict with current students needs, typically towards the end of each semester, may not be possible.

Complete the Alumni Request Form below.  You must include the following as attachments via your electronic submission:

  • Script in .pdf format
  • Shooting Schedule with scene breakdown by day
  • Complete Post Production schedule (if applicable)
  • Location List
  • Crew List (if longer than what is provided on the Alumni Request Form)
  • Detailed budget addressing all production costs
  • Equipment List - include all resources being requested (see Goldroom Forms)
  • Any requests for the use of a Sound Stage will only be considered if the person making the request, the 1st AD and Gaffer have completed the Stage Systems Workshop and have been certified by the Stage Manager.
  • Post Production Information (if requesting post production resources)
    • Post-production facilities required, i.e. Avid editing suite, ProTools Mix Room, Lustre color-correction, Smoke/DS online finishing suite, ADR booth, Foley stage, etc.—
    • Total film footage count for Datacine scan requests
    • Complete post-production schedule, including final delivery/completion date
    • Final delivery format(s), e.g. D5 tape, Blu-ray, etc.
      Additional or miscellaneous post-production requests or requirements, e.g. ISIS workspace, Special Visual Effects, etc.

Once all of these items have been submitted, the request will be reviewed and you may be contacted to discuss the project further. If the request is approved, you will be contacted with further instruction to confirm the request.

Alumni Information
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Request *
I understand that in order to request and use the Sound Stage, I (the requestor), the 1st AD and Gaffer have all completed the Stage Systems Workshop and have been certified by the Stage Manager*


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