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ACS International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IREU)
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Summer 2015 Application

This form will open on December 8, 2014. All submissions are due January 23, 2015.

Before You Begin

Only U.S. citizen or permanent residents enrolled at a U.S. university or college are eligible to apply using the following form.
Also, please note that this application is for all IREU projects in Germany, Italy, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Full instructions can be found at www.acs.org/ireu.
Want to learn more about the program to improve your chances for selection? Attend our IREU webinar on December 19, 2014 at 2pm EST. Learn more at www.acs.org/ireu.
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Personal Information

Please note, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. to receive this award.

Address during academic year
* Is your address during the academic year the same as your permanent address?

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Parent/Guardian or Emergency Contact Information 1

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Statistical Questions

ACS must provide the federal agency that funds the IREU program, NSF, with certain statistical information about applicants and scholarship recipients in its yearly reports. Answers to the next 5 questions are used for statistical purposes only and are optional. If you elect not to complete this information it will not jeopardize your application, but please be aware that if you become a recipient of the scholarship, ACS or NSF may have to contact you later for some of this information.
Are you a first generation college student?
Are you a member of the Honors Program at your University?
The highest degree conferred by your home institution in your area of study (major) is
Your racial background is (if mixed race, please check all that apply)
Your ethnic background is

Academic Information

* Academic Major. If majoring in more than one area, check all that apply
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Please list below the name (not the course number) of undergraduate science and mathematics courses that you are currently taking. Do not list courses that have appeared or will appear in the transcript you will provide us.


Career Information

* Which of the following best describes you (select one)
For statistical purposes only please list any languages you speak and note your proficiency in the next column (Native, Fluent, Advanced, Intermediate, Basic).
You do not need to speak any languages besides English to participate in the program.

Prior Research Experience

In the space provided below, briefly describe your research experience (250 words or less). Be sure to include:
1) name of the school or department where the research took place
2) name of the advisor/mentor who supervised (or is supervising) your research
3) title of the project you were (or are) involved in
4) length of time that you were (or have been) involved in the project
5) a brief description of the project.
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Letters of Recommendation

Indicate below the names and contact information for the two faculty members who will be writing recommendations for you. At least one of them must be a materials or chemical sciences professor. A letter of recommendation from your past or present research supervisor is strongly encouraged. You must contact them to give them the link to the recommendation form: http://fs18.formsite.com/acs-oia/IREUrec3/index.html

Reference 1

Reference 2

Research Preferences

Please review the projects available in 2015 at the following universities and select which three projects most interest you from across the sites.
National University of Singapore
University of Perugia
University of Strathclyde
Projects at German Universities
* Indicate your project preferences  in column 1 (use the project code) and the last name of the professor/lab director that corresponds to the project in column 2. Your preferences should be ranked from 1 to 3.
For example: 
Project Code     Professor/Lab Director 
Choice 1           NUS.4                  Zhao

Choice 2           JEN.1                  Arndt
Choice 3           STR.1                  Skabara

 Project CodeProfessor/Lab Director
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

In the spaces provided below, please indicate the reasons for your selections and rankings of projects (100 words or less).
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Personal Statement

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* How did you find out about the ACS IREU Scholarship? (Select the best answer)
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