Personality Pageants
No cost to enter.
Any current titleholder who successfully completes the plan, project, and presentation is eligible for this award. All service projects must be pre-approved and charity focused. The plans must show an active planning process and effort of the contestant.
Service projects can be presented at a Regional or State pageant, via powerpoint, youtube video, or other multi-media outlet that allows the contestant to demonstrate their efforts to the entire pageant family. Detailed photographic proof of efforts and project completion must be included in the project presentation.
Projects must be completed while using their Personality Pageants sash & crown to promote their title.

Contestants must receive permission to use the project for their award before beginning the project. No credit will be given to projects completed prior to the application approval process. 

Ideas for projects: Community garden, charity fundraising event, park clean-up, etc. Projects must have a charity focus and show how the contestant can improve their community.

To be eligible for this award the contestant must be a current Regional, State, or National titleholder and compete at 2016 Nationals. All awards will be presented at Nationals. Projects may be shown again at Nationals via video submission.

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Online Pageant Rules & Regulations

Contestant must agree to abide by the following rules, with the possibility of disqualification for infractions thereof:

  1. Good sportsmanship is required at all times by contestants, parents and guests. Bad Sportsmanship is NEVER tolerated! If any contestant, guardian, or guest violates our sportsmanship rules at any time, they will be DISQUALIFIED! Any awards received will be forfeited.

  2. All decisions of the judges are final. Judges will be people who are not directly affiliated with contestants entering the pageants.

  3. The director reserves the right to disqualify any contestant not fully fulfilling the requirements of this project.

  4. Contestants must follow all make-up and wardrobe rules when making appearances in the community.

  5. Contestants and their parents/guardians agree to hold harmless all persons affiliated with Personality Pageants, in case of any loss or injury occurring during the entire pageant and preparation for the pageant.

  6. Contestants and their parents / guardians agree that Personality Pageants may publish any photographs taken or submitted by the contestant, contestant name, and likeness for use in the organization's print, online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other organization publications.

  7. Any royalty making an appearance will make every effort to be a positive role model for others. Use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco while wearing the official crown and sash will result in forfeiture of their title.
I have read and understood the rules *
I understand that planning, fundraising, and execution of my plan is my sole responsibility. Depending upon local laws and regulation, the contestant and/or parent/guardian may be liable for taxes from money raised. *
I understand that there is NO FEE to enter this contest and that others who complete their projects may also be eligible for this award. *
While I understand that it is free to enter, in order to receive this award, I am required to participate in the current year's National Pageant. *
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