Volleyball Camp Registration

Full Camp $65/Tryouts only $30


Volleyball summer camp will be June 10,11,and 12. On the last day of camp, tryouts will be held for the upcoming season. The cost for camp and tryouts is $65 per player. It is not required to attend the entire camp to tryout, but players must tryout on June 12 if they want the opportunity to be selected for a team (Depending on the number of girls trying out, it is possible not all who try out will make a team.). The cost to try out if you do not attend the camp is $30 per player.


If you have questions, please contact Elisa Barrera at volleyball@homeschoolfeast.com

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Please contact Paul Brubaker at volleyball@homeschoolfest.com to inform him of any conditions that might prohibit either player from participating.
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